what the fuck is an adult?

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it’s just around the corner

This week is exam week and then I have 2 weeks off before my last semester of school starts. It’s kind of scary to think that I’ll be done soon. But it’s also an amazing feeling. I’m more anxious about the licensing exam I’m suppose to write in May. I’m sure I’ll do ok but it’s still a lot of pressure.


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is this your first day on the job?

One of my pet peeves is bad service.

If you’re gonna suck at customer service, either smarten up and get better at it or find a job that doesn’t require it.

A lot of people tend to view customer service jobs as “non jobs”. They’re not something you really strive to be good at. My philosophy is that if you’re gonna do something, do it right. Don’t half ass it. Sometimes the attitude you’re “getting” from the customer is a reflection of the attitude you’re giving to the customers. Shitty service makes me hate on you.

I have worked 10+ years, dealing with customers in one form or another. Treating customers well means I get treated well. Treating customers well despite not being treated well is like needling someone. They either turn around and treat you well or they get more pissed off and if you think about it, what are they gonna do? Complain about you providing good customer service?


I went to this bakery today and they sold like 10 things… maybe 15… the point is that this place did not have a ridiculous amount of products to memorize. I hope that today was the first day for the girl behind the counter ’cause if you’re going to sell 15 things, your staff should know what these 15 things are. We get to the paying part and she leaves before my transaction is finished. She starts tending to other people’s orders. I’m not given a pen to sign my credit card receipt. My items are left on the counter without a bag. I have to flag down another girl to get a pen, who walks away before I can ask for a bag. I have to flag down the original girl to get a bag. What would have been a 5 minute in and out turned into 15 minutes.

I could currently be extra irate these days but I am hesitant about going back to this bakery despite their goods being very tasty. I just don’t think I can deal with this sorta thing. Especially when there’s a certain expectation of quality.

I kind of expect shitty service at a Chinese bakery. I’m also paying $1.50 for whatever I’m getting and you gotta admit, they’re very efficient. They might not be the nicest but they get you out of there fast.

This place… has fancy cakes and food labels written in French. You expect the service to be of a certain quality.

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almost that time of the year again

We are in March which means April is just around the corner. I have a feeling that this year April 1st would feel like it’s coming faster than previous years because of school. A number of ppl have told me that life after turning 30 has been really good. I’m going to be turning 32 and I agree that life has been great after I turned 30. In fact, every year has just been getting better since I turned 30.

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color me rad

I just registered to run in this year’s Color Me Rad 5k. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m really looking forward to it.

I started running during my separation with F. My go to running soundtrack was The Offspring’s Days Go By. When I returned to Sweden, I ran in the forest behind my house. It really helped me get through the divorce and having my life uprooted. F got a bit upset that I was running faster than him.

Since moving to Canada, I haven’t be able to run so much. Nothing has compared to running in the forest. Toronto has mostly been concrete and asphalt. (I haven’t really been looking that hard.) I do ride my bike a lot when I can.

Last year when I went to Sweden for a visit, the first thing when I got to my house was go for a run. I was terribly hungover from drinking tequila and playing Cards Against Humanity with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I wasn’t very good at running but it was a great run. It was also a sad run ’cause it was the last time I ran in that forest. My house was up for sale and I didn’t know when I’d be back in Sweden again.

The pictures below are from that last run

2014-06-24 18.03.28 2014-06-24 17.59.10 2014-06-24 17.57.32 2014-06-24 17.44.18 2014-06-24 17.43.23

So yeah… 5k run. It’s gonna happen May 30th. I’ve got about 3 months to train for it. I’ve got a gym in my building that I keep telling myself that I should use. The Don Valley river is actually right by my apartment so I’ll probably hit that trail when it’s no longer -20 outside. Friends in Sweden did the Color Me Rad 5k and they all assured me that it was a great time. Hopefully some people I know will join me. Maybe we can be Team Awesome.

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Rancho Relaxo Cantina

Rancho Relaxo Cantina
300 College St
Toronto, ON


We ate at Rancho Relaxo tonight. There was a show upstairs that we were going to

I guess they reopened at the beginning of 2015. I’ve never eaten there before. I’ve had a number of friends tell me about their chimichangas. Their new menu no longer has the chimichangas. Their new menu claims to be authentic Mexican. I’ve never been to Mexico so I don’t really know how authentic it is but I can tell you that it was delicious.

Dude ordered a margarita ($8) and I a caesar ($7). The margarita came in a tiny disappointing glass. We started with guacamole and assorted chips ($7). We weren’t too impressed with the prices but I did like the sweet potato chips with the guacamole. It was a really good guacamole, not too sure if it was worth $7. Dude pointed out that the tortilla chips tasted stale.

I ordered tacos (3 for $10): short ribs, crispy fish and tempura shrimp. Dude ordered the chicken quesadilla ($6). The quesadilla was more like half a quesadilla. It was 1 tortilla folded in half. I didn’t try it but I did try the chipotle sauce. My tacos were delicious. The coffee and cocoa taste of the short ribs was rich. I did feel that the fish could have been a bigger piece but it was a tasty fish taco. (I love fish tacos.) The mango slaw that came with the tempura shrimp complimented the shrimp perfectly. I could have eaten 3 more tacos. I would like to try the other tacos.

I would definitely like to go back to Rancho Relaxo for their food. On our way out, I saw the food some of the other patrons ordered. The steak and chicken supreme looked really good. I would like to try the short rib entree, I think this is braised in red wine. I said to Dude that I would rather go to this place rather than Grand Electric. I found Grand Electric to be too loud.

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I used to keep a blog called Milk Plasma on Toast. I started when i was living in Sweden. I had become enamoured with messmör which is a spread made from whey. It tasted a bit like sweet condense milk and you’d spread it on bread and dunk it in your coffee. Those Swedes… they dunked everything into their coffee. Most of it was food related. There are a few rants here and there. But it’s still a fun read.